Detailed information regarding Skype's brand guidelines. Skype is a piece of software that allows people around the world to talk to each other for free. Sure, we've heard this all before. As a company, we're all used to. This is a guide to the basic elements that make up Skype. Have a read, it will help you get to know us a little better. Our logo. Our typeface.

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    Skype Brand Book

    Skype Brandbook. 1. How welook. 2. This is a guide to the basic elementsthat make up Skype. Have a read, it willhelp you get to know us a little. Skype Brand Identity Book and Guidelines are another example of corporate identities done right. Some argue that this set of guidelines could. There are brand books and then there are totally awesome, meticulously designed, brilliantly assembled brand books like this one for Skype.

    We've talked before about what a brand is —that it's the sum total of all the impressions your customers have of you, everything from your logo to your customer service to your product quality. As such, it's important that you control all of those touchpoints. Everything you're doing sends a message, and it's your job, as brand manager, to guide and direct what message is being sent. Brand consistency—the competitive advantage and how to achieve it. At Lucidpress, we're obsessed with branding, and we keep a close eye on what iconic companies are doing to maintain—and to change—their brands. And, lucky for us, many of these companies post their brand manuals online, giving us an inside look at how they do what they do: First on our list is a sub-brand of Nike , their football soccer brand. Nike places so much importance on branding, they gave their football equipment its own brand manual. From the title page, we're immediately introduced to the theme of this brand with large, blocky, all-caps words standing boldly against a backdrop of football players who just might be taking their celebration a little too far.

    Now, I'm not talking about the latest version of Skype's brand book which is for lack of a better word "blech". I'm referring to the brand book developed a few years ago. I find myself wanting to reference this guide a few times each year.

    Recently, I had a lot of difficulty locating a PDF version.


    Thanks to Issuu, there's an online version of Skype's Brand Book. But for everyone else, I have both documents right here for your viewing pleasure. Hi Everyone!

    Brand Books From The Best In The Business: Apple, Nike And More

    Yup - so this is now the new face of December in the Carolinas. Big thanks to my friend, neighbor and sponsor Buck for making this happen today. And thank you to District Governor… https: What a way to start the day!

    Looking forward to becoming much more active member of o… https: Skype Taking a huge step away from the brutalism of Nike's branding guidelines, Skype is whimsical, clever and subtle, with a dry joke in the fine print below a bigger joke. They're every bit as controlling—they're not allowing their pleasant and affable copy to water down their brand—but they convey the message with a wink and a grin: "We're not a rules and regulations kind of company, nonetheless here are some examples of what we think is cool and what should be punishable by a red-hot poker to the buttocks.

    And there is a large amount of fribble and flummery in their clip art four-armed businessmen, camels erupting in magic and sparks to enhance the Skype layouts.

    Overall, the Skype brand identity guidelines read as a how-to for creating a dream-like, positively charged user experience—one that is controlling of the brand but gives permission to play.

    Skype Trademark & Brand Guidelines

    Macaroni Grill This gorgeous brand manual, evocative of a restaurant menu or even an artist's sketchbook, was made, in part, to redeem the Macaroni Grill brand from an ignominious demise. Focusing more on the feel and philosophy of the company rather than the nuts and bolts of asset placement and font size, they managed to make the company feel both new and old: old in the sense that it appears to be built on tradition and gravitas, but new in taking what has faltered and lifting it from defeat.

    Right from the beginning, we see that Artisan, Unique, Fresh and Genuine are positives, while Authentic Italian is not. Vino Divino sounds like they ply the wine generously—making sure it's not only a good product, but that they don't scrimp on portions either. Finally, Eataly punches up the fun factor, promoting self-expression and sociality.

    Skype URIs: Branding guidelines

    Never cheesy, never shy, Macaroni Grill presents a beautiful manual that has something new to say in the Italian restaurant chain—higher scale than Olive Garden, but with a menu and atmosphere that appeals to a more compromising American palette. For Life. There are 2.

    Because of this huge group of volunteers, most of whom do not have graphic design experience, the corporate brand guidelines need to be clear, concise and easy to use. The BSA's brand manual, therefore, offers a lot of hand-holding, as it might be the only brand manual these volunteers will ever see.

    There is more to this manual than just guidelines about font size and color palette, though. The book explains marketing terms that the average scoutmaster or den mother might not be familiar with. And for each logo and trademark asset, there are ample do's and don'ts to advise the layman on how to move forward.

    These brand guidelines, which are built upon a rich tradition of imagery, slogans, and trademarks, are a perfect example of how an organization with many products and variations can clearly and succinctly build a cohesive brand platform that integrates common design elements into disparate categories of symbolism. Jones Soda Jones Soda's brand is eccentric and unconventional.

    Where other soda companies rely heavily on paid commercial advertising, Jones has built a cult following based on product placement and two famous RVs that hand out free soda up and down the East and West Coasts.

    And while they occupy a small space on the shelf at a grocery store, Jones Soda is also strategically stocked in music stores, tattoo parlors, and clothing stores that are as quirky as the soda's own packaging.

    This brand guide is built around the tagline "Your photos, your soda, your brand. And while they surely use the same photo more than once, at a retail level you'd be hard-pressed to find more than one of each picture.

    The black-and-white photography is offset by the vibrant color palette of the soda itself, as well as the bright greens, electric oranges, and glowing pinks of the boxes. Each box depicts a quote submitted by customers, and the copy on the sides is every bit as original as the rest of the brand. It would be a mistake to say that the brand doesn't take itself seriously. The design elements and customer engagement are finely tuned, demonstrating that a brand can be carefully orchestrated and still be fun.

    Animal Planet While most brand guidelines offer something in the way of a mission or positioning statement, the Animal Planet brand manual limits its commentary to a selection of "emotional connections" that people will feel in regard to their TV shows. It may be the first manual I've ever seen where "sadness" is a message they actually want to convey. But that lies at the heart of its strength.

    It is a manual that emphasizes storytelling, and the experiential viewing that its customers will embrace. A good example is the now off-the-air Meerkat Manor, a show that, through clever screenwriting and narration, turns a nature documentary into a soap opera full of intrigue, romance, and betrayal. Meanwhile, the online brand guidelines show the interaction of a number of fonts, declaring their primary typeface to be Arial Bold the poor man's Helvetica , but showing how that standard can be placed with the iconic logo with the perfect 7.

    The very first line of the preface begins "We are so much more than books. They are more than just books—they are an experiential brand, with an experiential position.

    You're walking into a space, experiencing it with every one of your senses, and discovering things you probably hadn't expected.

    The type still holds a bookishness to it, but with the swoop of a whimsical R and the pronounced ampersand I love the ampersand! The new primary color palette—Brilliant Blue and Cozy Navy—give a casually inviting feel, and the somewhat-autumnal secondary colors make designs pop without overstatement. Google As the company is large, with a hundred fingers in a hundred pies, we're just reviewing the brand guidelines of the new Google Logotype, the Dots, and the Google G.

    The new logotype—the sans serif that appeared last year—is imbued with "childlike simplicity" a Google video shows the new logo being written as though it was on a grammar school's middle-lined paper. It is mathematical, an ode to geometry. It was designed not only for a new brand aesthetic, but to scale up and down while looking the same across many platforms—a problem the previous logo struggled with.

    Not to be outdone is the simple Google G: a circle with a small cut taken out, and a reformed horizontal.

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