Boggula Srinivas Book Against Pawan kalyan. 'Pawan Kalyan Hatao- Politics Bachao'. 'Pawan Kalyan Hatao-Politics Bachao', Pawan klayan. 63 Results Boggula Srinivas - online Telugu Books. By Boggula Srinivas Rs In Stock. Ships in 4 - 9 Days. Free Shipping in India! ''దేవుడా రక్షించు. Boggula Srinivas' life has turned into a nightmare after he wrote the book.

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    Boggula Srinivas Book

    Perhaps, no one knows who Boggula Srinivas is if he won't write a book “Pawan Kalyan hatao, politics bachao.” Even after writing it, still many. Browsing Books from author: Boggula Srinivas on Kinige. About Kinige: Welcome to Telugu book world. By the Telugu for the Telugu! Click here now to read. బొగ్గుల శ్రీనివాస్ / Boggula Srinivas. Browse all books of బొగ్గుల శ్రీనివాస్ / Boggula Srinivas. There are no products matching the selection.

    But it's a book, that tears part Pawan the politician, that has become the talking point. The book titled, Pawan Kalyan Hatao, Politics Bachao, says how the actor is spoiling the political scene in Andhra Pradesh and the neighbouring Telangana. Boggula Srinivas, the writer of the book, says that he has no vested interests, and his only intention is to protect the state from vested interests. Srinivas gives a number of references about Pawan being not politically active whe Andhra Pradesh faced crunch situations. The title of the book seems to have been carefully chosen. First, Pawan had raised this slogan during the electioneering campaign a few months ago when he had said, Congress Hatao Desh Bachao. This angered Congress leaders who had then questioned Kalyan's marital status and why he had entered into three wedlocks. During the same time, Kalyan's new-found friend and Bollywood director Ramgopal Varma had launched a tirade against Kalyan's elder brother and megastar Chiranjeevi who is incidentally a Congress leader in his tweets saying, Chiranjeevi Hatao, Desh bachao.

    He started reacting against Pawan Kalyan and even announced that, he would be releasing a book on Pawan Kalyan. Finally, he completed that book and kept it for sale, in the exhibition.

    Speculating the threat from Pawan fans, Srinivas sought the police security.

    Who is Boggula Srinivas?

    Considering Srinivas letter, home Minister Nayini Narasimha Reddy ordered the commissioner, to provide the same. What more a powerless politician, Pawan Kalyan can do?

    Even after maintaining the friendly relations with the government, that did not stop Pawan, from opposing the government on several issues. As promised while launching the party, that he would react and question the leaders, he did it in the several times.

    He seems to be trying to catch the media and get free publicity for his book. Several times, Pawan Kalyan openly admitted that he also committed many mistakes and made several wrong steps like any human beings, which helps him to choose the right path in his life.

    In fact, he welcomes criticism on him from his fans and rivals with which he wants to trace out and rectify mistakes.

    So, it is absurd to think that he will let his fans attack Srinivas. Instead, if Srinivas seeks Pawan Kalyan help for sale of his book, definitely he may help him for it.

    English Telugu. Srinivas with a copy of the controversial book Arun, a Tamil actor, faced a similar situation when he received severe criticism for his Facebook post on Lingaa. Following his critical review of the movie, he received quite a lot of negative feedback.

    Book on Pawan Kalyan leads to murder threat

    I had written a post critical of Lingaa on the Facebook page. There were many who opposed. Later I got a notification from Facebook that many users had reported me. In a few hours, the page was taken down by Facebook. Are star-crazy fans stifling democracy and preventing alternate ideas from being represented?

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