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Tight. Alessandra Torre. Click here if your download doesn"t start automatically Tight by Alessandra Torre Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read. Actions. Report. Tight by Alessandra Torre The issue is that shit is about to hit the fan and I can't hold on to him tight enough. Alessandra Torre - verbatimura.ga Tight - Alessandra Torre - dokument [*.pdf] TIGHT tīt/ adjective Copyright © by Alessandra Torre This book is protected under the.

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Any reproduction or other unauthor- ized use of the material or artwork herein is prohibited. This book is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. If they seem famili- ar, that is why. To Joey. You are in every hero. Our love in every story. Flip-flops shared space with sequins and diamonds, the crowd a mix of sandy tourists and high rollers, eighteen- year-old spring breakers polka-dotting the mix with their wide eyes and slurred steps, the alcohol hitting their virgin systems hard. We were at a craps table, a game that none of us understood, yet the Asians to our right were grinning and gesturing like we were hit- ting the mother lode, so we blew on dice and moved markers, and our chip stack contin- ued to grow. Six of us split between three rooms, the four hundred dollar nightly rate gener- ously taken care of by Mr. I belonged on my front porch, sunning my toes on the railing, a sweet tea next to me, a magazine on my lap, Sugarland on the radio. There was a bump of bodies behind me, and the curve of the table cut in- to my still-gorged-on-seafood stomach. I gazed longingly at the stool holding up the cigarette-smoking female to my right. It glittered impressively at me, and I fought a glimpse downward to see if my own looked as good. My brain groaned at the thought of the trek before me.

So I started this one the other night and after about 2 minutes of reading I am messaging a friend and going back to read the blurb. Onto to the review Riley is a financial advisor in a small town in South Georgia. Even if she was interested in a one-night stand it would be out of the question in a town where it would be primetime gossip.

Needless to say it has been a long time since Riley has had any "fun", 3 years to be exact. When Riley meets Brett in the casino lobby there is an obvious attraction, but she assumes it must be one sided. Brett Jacobs is attractive, successful, and charming so I completely understand why Riley eventually gives into her desires and goes against her better judgement. Plus she is on vacation, we all know our vacation selves are a lot more free spirited then the ones we take to work everyday.

I was immediately captivated by Brett and his story. As I was reading I was anxiously waiting for things to progress and see how they evolved. While things start off as a fling with no expectations of a future, Brett decides he wants more and begins pursuing Riley. Brett and Riley have extreme chemistry and the sex was off the charts hot.

However, the whole time you are wondering in the back of your mind what's coming next. That was one of my favorite aspects of the story, the anxiety of the unknown. I blew through this book in one sitting, there was no way I was putting it down.

Tight is such a beautiful, unique story and so well written that I became completely engrossed in the story and characters. My feelings while reading were so strong I was feeling empathy for them and crying as I eagerly turned the pages.

Tight will keep you guessing and have you questioning yourself. I was a seesaw of emotions going from one side to the other, completely unsure of how I even wanted things to play out. That is a testament to this story, because I am a very decisive person but was completely torn while I watched things unfold. This is the hardest review to write, because I want to tell you why you need to read this - because you do! So long story short: View all 89 comments. This is the third book from Alessandra and I really was nervous and excited to read it!

I have read Still, so I was aware of these two characters and I wanted to learn more about them. This book took me by surprise and made me wonder throughout the chapters what was really happening. And this is because there are some chapters alternate POV that were mixed with Riley's. I will not tell you who it was But I will tell you that I had several different thoughts in my head of how this book would end. Riley goes to a bachelorette party in the Bahamas with her friends and meets Brett a dark and mysterious man.

Instantly there is a connection between them and soon Brett and Riley spend a night of passion that leads to much more than they bargained for I loved these characters so much!! They were so mature and they knew what they wanted. Riley is sweet, funny, strong and so real I could definitely connect with her.

She was real. Brett in the beginning was a mystery for me He is sexy, a gentleman and dominant. He has secrets from his past but with Riley he starts feeling again You can learn more about him and his character from his POV. If you already have read Alessandra's books then you will know that she is the Master of sex scenes..

Alessandra Torre · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

And believe me this book does not disappoint! Alessandra Torre is unique in so many ways! She mixes romance,dark,suspense,passion and mystery in a way that keeps you captivate till the end! This book leave me with a hangover and I'm sure I will think for this for a long time! I think it's better to read the book without you know a lot because you will devoure it more if you go with close eyes and feel everything ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

View all 69 comments. She's an auto-download author for me, and will continue to be. While this book didn't quite work for me, I do still enjoy her writing style and story telling ability immensely. She's a true talent and I really love her work. Unfortunately t 3 Stars The word 'tight' has twenty-two definitions, but my favorite is Webster's fifth- "A bond which cannot be broken.

Unfortunately this book didn't fully live up to my expectations. Perhaps I set them too high? Perhaps I'm overly picky?

Maybe I'm just too analytical when I read and tend to pick apart details to try to make sense of it all in my head? I don't do one night stands. You will not flirt with men around the water cooler at work. While walking back to her room, she meets a mysterious stranger that she's immediately drawn to. He's handsome, he's polite, and he has a barely leashed sexuality that just calls to her starved libido. But what initially starts out as one night of unimaginable passion, soon begins to develop into something much more when Brett relentlessly pursues Riley.

When I first met her, I should've let her go. Let my heart turn back to black, crush the weakness that had threatened. But I didn't. I allowed the weakness to fester, to rot at the bones of my ribcage, until my chest was cracked wide open and she had crawled inside and feasted on my heart.

Inhaled it until there was no longer her and I but only us. Brett Jacobs is mostly an enigma through the book. The reader is privy to his POVs every now and then, although I never found it to be quite enough to truly form a connection to.

I suppose the part where it began to turn for me was their courtship. We went from a case of insta-lust to relationship in almost a blink of an eye. While it does take place over several months, it still felt very quick.

Maybe because of the time jumps? For whatever reason I just couldn't connect either of the characters and their motivation. Brett has lost someone years ago that has forever changed his life and purpose. He's not looking for a one night stand, but he wasn't exactly looking to give his heart again either. I didn't know how to go back. Didn't know how to break off this piece of my soul and give her back. Didn't know how to sift through the lies and tell her the truth.

Didn't know how to be the man she deserved without losing sight of my goal. So I couldn't really connect that with his almost instant draw to Riley and the quick turnaround towards a relationship. On a side note, there's one thing you can never take away from Alessandra Torre, and it's the woman's ability to write one insanely erotic love scene.

The chemistry between Riley and Brett is hot enough to burn the pages. This would have been a very solid 4 stars for me if not for 2 major things or at least I found them to be major I don't want to give anything away, so I'll be as vague as possible and put any details in spoilers though I won't give any major spoilers away. This book is meant to be experienced blind, and just because it didn't work for me, doesn't mean most readers won't absolutely love it.

I am definitely in the minority with my opinion, so please don't let it sway yours ; The plot twist Here's the thing; I had figured it out almost from the beginning considering the dates given and the time frames between chapters.

I had written it completely off because I thought it was too obvious. Maybe it was my own fault for building up different scenarios in my head that I was left underwhelmed when everything was revealed? It could very well be. But I felt like you have this answer right in front you and it's shrouded in smoke in mirrors, which would usually work for me I was hoping for something mind-blowing, something completely unexpected, and that's not at all what it was at least not for me Riley's actions The one thing I have adored about Alessandra's writing in the past are her heroines.

She writes these amazingly unapologetic strong women that own their sexuality. They may be a little naive, they may be a little vulnerable, but they're different from the mainstream and I loved them for it. Riley was certainly a change of pace from that. At first I found her to be incredibly endearing, but then her actions began to borderline enrage me. Brett is obviously hiding something from Riley about who he is.

This becomes quite obvious from the beginning. My problem was the way that she handled her suspicions. This had all the elements of a 5 star read for me, unfortunately between Riley's decision, the underwhelming plot twist, and the additional plot twist at the end that just completely came out of left field for me, this book fell short for me. I found large parts of the story to be a little dragging and I just kept waiting for something to happen.

Unfortunately I never managed to click with the story or the characters. I really wanted to love this book, and I'm more than positive that most readers will, so please don't let my rating sway you.

Give it a try and see for yourself. It may just blow you away ; This certainly will not sway my opinion of the author or skill at all, and she'll continue being an auto-download author for me. Unfortunately even some of my favorite authors have had a book that didn't work me. So I'll be writing this one off as a case of "it's probably just me". ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review For more reviews visit View all 71 comments.

Dec 12, Catarina rated it really liked it Shelves: I will not be long on this because this is one ot those books that the less you know before jump in, the better. This is the story of Riley and Brett, they met in party and then beings their path towards love. Brett has a past and he has secrets. Riley is decided to find out what he hides. But some secrets are safer if they are ever discover. This a story full of secrets, deception, fear, hope and unconditionally love. Grab some popcorn and get yourself ready for a crazy ride.

For 4,5 Tight Stars. Riley and Brett were a couple I loved reading about. View all 40 comments. I just loved the pace. I really liked Reilly and I loved her home town. I also liked the mystery aspect around Kitten. Did anyone think to mention to the author to use a different sex slave name? In my excitement of seeing what twists the author had up her sleeve I actually read this one in a few hours.

I had more fun with my own theories which I thought would have suited the story much better. Kitten is Elyse and when she is downloadd by Brett - Reilly is being sold at same time thus a flip and a twist which would have a WOW ending.

Instead of boring sister loss and a rehab for ex-slaves facility etc.. Still, I read on and did enjoy Reilly, her town and those hot cops who should have had more scenes. I really have loved the books I've read by Alessandra Torre in the past, but for whatever reasons, I just never connected with this story.

I felt there was "insta-love" as Brett was saying "I love you" , after a few dates with Riley. The constant switch up from the past, to the present chapters titled "Kitten", and then the Brett POV chapters, left me confused at times. I really think it caused the story not to flow well for me. I just didn't end up feeling anything for either character. I really hated the scene with the teeth!! I just don't like reading about women being tortured. Although there isn't that much graphic detail, that one scene bothered me.

I was pleased with the ending and this wasn't an awful read, it just didn't grab me like it has with most of my friends. I wouldn't let my review deter you from reading this book because the author is pretty phenomenal and if you scroll through the reviews, this book is getting predominantly four and five star ratings. I know that I will still continue to read Alessandra's books because she knows how to write incredibly steamy stories!!

View all 65 comments. Feb 01, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it really liked it Shelves: I love them!!!

Alessandra Torre

They push us and make us squirm in our seats. Warnings give us a sense of unforeseen danger ahead. And, at the very least, we know something is about to happen. Early on in the story the reader gets an inclination on the direction this story is headed.

The heroine becomes crazy with suspension to the point of making some foolish choices. I loved, loved, loved the meet cute for this couple. The heroine is at bachelorette party in the Bahamas and is wearing high heels that are killing her feet. As she is hobbling across the casino floor headed back to her room she has to stop and rest her sore feet. The hero sees her from across the casino and comes to her rescue. He offers her slippers to relieve her discomfort. February 7, Order: View all 54 comments.

Nov 15, Jasmine rated it liked it Shelves: The joy about picking up an AT book is that I know I can go in expecting one thing and be smacked on the face with an entirely different thing in the end.

Sadly, this was not the case for me this round. The reason this read didn't work for me is most likely because I went in with a different set of expectations.

I wanted to be blown away or be surprised by the unexpected but I wasn't. The plot twist was something I figured out from the beginning and was hoping to be proved wrong in the end but I wasn't. To add onto that, I couldn't warm up to both MCs for the first half of the book as they seemed to have acted a lot on instalust.

I was also a little peeved by the character inconsistency and the escalation of their connection view spoiler [Riley hasn't been laid for 3 years but suddenly she meets a random stranger, Brett who bought her slippers and another night later, she lets him fuck her.

How did one man whom she barely knew completely change her abstinence? And also Brett who supposedly doesn't date anyone is suddenly completely enamoured by Riley in that one night he met her outside the casino.

So please don't let my mediocre rating be the judge of whether this book is for you or not: I believe this is one that everyone should take a chance on and you may find yourself loving it.

Naturally I'm a picky reader and I'm almost positive that me not loving it is solely a case of personal preference. If you're a fan of AT's work, you will be in for a treat as Tight is once again a testament of how she can pull off a sensual erotica read that is laced with a good amount of suspense to keep you on your toes. In a true AT fashion, she will leave you surprised with a twist that you may or may not see coming ; "The word 'tight' has twenty-two definitions, but my favorite is Webster's fifth - "a bond which cannot be broken.

View all 93 comments. Dec 24, Wendy'sThoughts rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Alessandra Torre Fans,erotic, romance, suspense. Each brought an idea to the table and the Bend Anthology was born. Some wrote complete novellas; some introductions to new series and others put their ideas in stand alone shorts.

All of the pieces were compelling, fresh and have led to more from works by the authors For Alessandra Torre, her submission was Still. She had the idea and explained she would be expanding on this first taste of these two characters, Brett and Riley in an upcoming full length novel. All of what was in Still is in Tight. This was my review for Still and introduces our characters for Tight: Alessandra Torre's Still, a prelude novella in the anthology Bend, our Riley gets pulled in that vortex.

Away from the bland banking position she is slugging through, she is with her friends in Nassau for a bachelorette party. For the next 48 hours, she is allowed to drop the persona she has been living Yet, with all of these changes in her Practical Riley decides to leave the casino while she still has some feeling in her feet and make the trek back to her hotel room As she wobbles through the casino and manages to clear gamblers and frustrated drunks, she reaches a bench in the lobby.

There she removes the torture inflicting shoes and rests for a moment. Checking the damage done to her toes and heels; she wondering what she ever saw in them. While regrouping and lost in the throbbing of her feet curiously in sync with a distant thumping bass, an illusion materializes Riley gazes at them lovingly They talk a bit, he offers to escort her to her room, primarily to see to her safety These two are vibrating like tuning forks reaching for the chord to play.

Once reaching the floor of Riley's room, Brett and Riley's inner dialogues have stirred them up to a frenzy Both caught up in this current, yet they break away This is only a taste of what is to come between them And should she seek Brett out This such a perfect storm I read this and as soon as I finished I felt like a cartoon character with grabby hands reaching out going gimme, gimme I wanted the book which is to come hide spoiler ] Ms.

Torre had the essence of something special there She put this woman crossing paths with a man who was not looking for a Riley Yet both of them allowed that singular moment to plant itself deep in their minds, in the place where it can call to us Torre takes us on a ride We hear the questions; debates of should I We experience sexual encounters which have the Torre brand These are not gratuitous; they are not thrown in because Torre's people once connected thrive in the physical Their actions are organic to the scenes, personalities and emotions.

The dialogue can sneak up on you and lay something profound in just a few words We follow blindly not knowing where all of this is leading It will be cunning with stark visions Are things as they seem?

And most importantly, we examine what can make the difference This book fits very nicely with the past readings of Ms. If you have loved the style of her previous books then this is right in the pocket for you. If you have never read Ms. Torre before, then you are in for a treat. It will be like a gift within a gift There is a new group on Goodreads devoted to all things Alessandra Torre.

I have put the link here: A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways.

Writing this review is so heart-rending!! Throughout the book I felt like I was reading somebody's journal because there was no continuity of any scenes but more like rushing of events. The tag line of the title One question I've been dying to ask since I finish this book I guessed the identity of Kitten within one fourth of the story and still I kept playing different scenarios hoping one of them would define the twist.

To my utmost disappointment it was none of them but my initial theory plus the final reveal of yet another secret which Brett so adamantly hid from Riley was not jaw dropping either. So back to my question? And this blurb Those who have read it, please tell me if this makes any sense?? Or is it me!! BUT why were they so stupid??!! I don't know who is the biggest Moron..

Brett for dragging the love of his life from the safety of her small town to most dangerous places, view spoiler [a potential place for human and drug trafficking where he has to leave her all alone while taking care of his "CLIENT'S" hide spoiler ] or Riley for view spoiler [ playing 'Nancy Drew' in the said place which clearly shouts "get the hell outta here" hide spoiler ] rather than confronting him!

The Good part Writing: Black lies to this day remain the only book which stole my sleep and made me finish it before sunrise! Thanks Jasmine for patiently listening to me while I vent my frustration!: D xoxo View all 74 comments. Nov 03, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are books that you love and then there are books that you love with a passion that leaves you reeling from a total book hangover and TIGHT was one of those books.

This is unlike any story because Ms. Torre has managed to turn a short sexy novella from the BEND Anthology into a full length book that went from sexy romance to an erotic suspense and mind-blowing book. It is a book filled with suspense, romance, steam, mystery, and raw characters. TIGHT encompasses a book that takes the meaning of love, strength, hope, devotion, and dedication to another level.

Torre allowed her readers to delve deeper into the characters of Riley and Brett. These characters went from two strangers who had hooked up in the Bahamas to two emotional, raw and captivating characters. The chronicling of how Brett and Riley became a couple was beautiful and sexy. The storytelling was so gripping as you watch these two fall madly in love with each other but at the same time Ms. Torre and her brilliant mind inserts chapters that will shock you.

These chapters will engage you and have you captivated as to what is to become of Riley and Brett. TIGHT is a book filled with many layers of mystery, suspense, dark topics, and romance. As layers slowly begins to get peeled, secrets, lies, and truths begins to get unraveled. Questions of who really is Brett Jacobs begins to linger? And when the truth is finally exposed, can Riley Johnson accept the truth that been held on so tight? Alessandra Torre is one of those authors that I love because she simply leaves you hungry for more of her books.

She gives her readers a book to experience. A book where it takes you down a raw, dark, sensual suspense filled ride that leaves you breathless and wanting more. With her spellbinding writing and storytelling, this book will leave you sinfully addicted and reeling from a book hangover.

TIGHT is a beautiful, unique, erotic suspenseful and raw story that was so well written that you are totally bewitched with the story, writing and characters. Having characters that are so raw, vulnerable and open allows readers to empathize and FEEL every emotions. TIGHT is definitely a page-turner of a book because it will leave you wondering what secrets, lies, and truths are being held on tight.

When these secrets are exposed, as a reader I was so hypnotized as to what was transpiring between Riley and Brett. A book that can pull you in, have you on the edge, and leave you happily satisfied is a book that must be read.

This book was sexy, erotic, suspenseful, mind-blowing, and captivating!!! Alessandra Torre [image error] View all 15 comments. site US: Riley is there on a bachelorette weekend with her best friends and not being the partying type, retreats to her room early.

Brett notices her discomfort and offers her a pair of slippers. Brett is an intense kind of man, and whilst he is the perfect gentleman, he is also oozing sex appeal that Riley is quite prepared to forgoe her recent spate of celibacy. Riley is a small town girl, Brett is a rich boat salesman. He begins to woo her with weekend trips to exotic locations and for a time life is perfect. But perfection isn't reality and secrets can't be hidden forever and the story detours down a different path where dark and complex issues arise.

All the way until the end I didn't know for sure where this story was heading, even though I had my suspicions and was proved right. I liked that there was a touch of mystery and I was satisfied with the ending.

This was very different to previous works by this author and I think if you are aware of that then you won't be disappointed. It wasn't as erotic as I was expecting although, plenty of steamy scenes but the underlying message was very thought provoking and deep. This is not a story about servitude. ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review View all 62 comments.

Nov 03, Glass rated it it was amazing Shelves: What the Her newest release is no different. Tight is a book that will keep you up all night, make you gasp and maybe roll your eyes few times, but in the end you will understand everything. I will not tell you about premise of Tight. Well, the best way to read novels written by Alessandra Torre is without knowing anything about them previously. Don't even read synopsis. Just pick up the bo 4. Just pick up the book - it comes out on February 7th - and jump right into this madness.

Keep an open mind. Don't judge characters too soon. And have faith in the author and her wicked ways. One thing that I like the most about this, but also her other books, is that characters are around thirty years old and they act that way. No "forever sixteen syndrome" here! As someone who will be 30 in less than four days, I could relate with few of dilemmas Riley went trough. Like a need to be a little bit reckless and not responsible all the damn time. To make a change. And slap that judgmental friend all of us have.

The most confusing part of the story were few alternating POV chapters that were mixed with Riley's narration. Several times I thought I knew what would happen. Every single time I was wrong. Alessandra Torre knows how to get your attention. And then crush all your hopes. You curse her and in the next chapter apologize for doubting. Prepare yourselves for new book boyfriend - Brett is, so far, my favorite. I am not big fan of fictional millionaires, but there is something about this man that just makes you tingle all over.

Final judgment? Tight is a book that all fans suspenseful, way too hot books should read. If you prefer stories that will keep you on your toes until the very end, with just enough darkness in the mix, this is a prefect choice for you. View all 33 comments.

This story has a different feel to it and it will push your buttons slightly yet still there will be no doubt where your going as a reader, enjoy it cherish it devour it. This has a good amount of intrigue and suspense and a fair amount of sensuality that had me questioning all the different layers of the story at AT gave us.

It starts off with Brett and Riley bumping into each other when Riley is on a hen weekend and end up on a one night stand where there attraction to each other is instant, Riley hasn't had sex in a long time where she will do anything to be with him for the night and then they part and make their separate ways. But Brett doesn't want to let go of what he wants and goes about getting Riley's attention and does nothing but gently putting himself into Riley's heart where they embark on a sensual relationship.

Brett has a darker past a past that has hurt and pain and a past that at times swallows him up but he can't let go for what he wants and therefore their relationship forms with weekend breaks to exotic locations and they have a very sensual journey when they are together but then there are secrets that are uncovered and questions come as to who are the people and characters in this book?

There is a depth of Intrigue and guess work and definitely Suspense in this story as time goes on what do the characters have to do with it all, it was multi layered where you see two sides of the coin. The Characters Brett is a multi billionaire that sells boats and earns a lot of money that gives him the lifestyle that he leads, he's a business man first and foremost. He is also dominate, sensual, gritty, strong and SEXY. He cares for Riley no he LOVES Riley but at times he struggles to let go of the past in those moments I did question where Alessandra was taking me but I had all my questions answered and felt a sense of peace in the end.

Alessandra Torre

I suppose the sensuality of Bretts demur made it a different kind of feel in that it flowed at ease and enjoyed the feel I was gaining here. Riley has guts is all I'm going to say, what I LOVE about Alessandra's heroines is that they are tough, strong and have minds of their own never do you question her appeal to Brett and how strong she is to take a chance on a man she met once on a hen do, but she does and in that she has something unique and very special.

View all 42 comments. So like many others, I read Still. The novella that was part of the Bend Anthology which was subsequently banned. I was ready for it. I wanted him to take their one night in paradise and sweep her off her feet. I thought I knew this story. The stranger that comes to h So like many others, I read Still. The stranger that comes to her rescue with a pair of slippers and a kiss that leaves her throbbing.

Brett on the surface appears to be a gentleman. Rich and successful, but beneath the surface is a shattered version of himself. One that was broken when he lost someone he was willing to die for.

But when he meets Riley, something awakens in him. The heart he thought was dead begins to slowly beat, bringing with it a second chance. There are some authors who can give you a romance that borders along the edges of erotica and then there are some that can walk that edge but infuse suspense and mystery into the story, Alessandra Torre is that kind of author.

She hits you when you least expect it. She draws you in with the shiny things and then she clobbers you over your head. When I opened up Tight to begin this journey I failed to do one little thing.

Read the blurb. I like to go in blind most of the time. I was on this steady path and the ground started to shake beneath my feet. I was missing something And I was. It was there in the blurb. A hint of the secret. So I picked the book back up, happy with my decision to read the blurb.

And then I started to struggle with some of my feelings. I felt guilty. This struggle was intense, that moment when you have to decide what kind of a person you are. I might have failed that test. I was greedy. But that guilt ebbed away slowly. I was just as caught up in the web that Brett had spun. I was happy with my head buried in the sand. I wanted this broken man to find his future with the small town girl. I wanted him to let go of his past and move on. I wanted blissful ignorance.

But Riley proved to be far more stubborn than I am. I loved the way this book made me struggle with myself, that it challenged me. I did not expect this story. I thought I knew what I was getting. I had no idea. I was tossed like a rag doll as Alessandra pulled me through the final chapters of this story.

And then BAM it happens. It falls into place and I frantically start flipping pages backwards. For a good ten minutes I stalled. I stared at my Kindle, my jaw slack, wondering what the hell.

Where did that come from? How much would a red eye flight cost from California to Florida so I could give Alessandra a piece of my mind. Then I read, re-read and I allowed every bit of it to sink in. This story was everything that is unexpected.

Forget what you think you already know. Strap yourself in for one helluva ride. A fantastically told romance, with a sensual edge and one mind blowing storyline. Sep 10, Alba and Her Secrets.. The cover of this book says: This is not the typical love story. As many of you know, Alessandra Torre is fabulous at that.

I was hooked from the first page to the last one: I am saying that in a positive way. At first, it looked like an insta-lust-love story but, of course, it was not.

I don't what to spoil any major thing but between this wonderful love story there are many darker layers. Torre's writing is amazing. Just that: I could not stop reading. I was just like: This can't be happening.. I want to know!! It was defenitely an emotinal roller coaster for me because I loved the relationship between Brett and Riley so HOT, so sweet, so everything!!

I just loved Tight. I cannot say it enough times. I loved it. As I said before, it gets better and better. And I am surprised because this is not the typical book that I enjoy so much.

I enjoy darker books when I am in the mood but I think now this one is definitely one of my favourites. And the ending, OMG, so good. So sad.

So beautiful. Torre's novel has a little bit or a lot of everything, it's daker of course, but still fantastic. Seriously, you have to give this one a try, guys! I hope many of you will enjoy it: View all 53 comments. You thought i knew how it was. Going to end up but I was wrong! Great book!!!!. Martha Ponce replied to Carrie. Carrie , thnx for ur input, now i know what to listen to next. Hannah Beswick. Great book thanks x can I be cheeky and request some Milly Taiden books please.

Catarina Monteiro. I'm not a big fan of Alessandra Torre's books but I have to say I quite enjoyed this one. I agree with what Carrie Root said. We think we know where the story is headed and at the end we are thrown off kilter At least I was.

D Thanks for sharing this with us, B. Trina Lewis. Wow - this was intense Thanks for the upload!!. Cassandra Devine. Chene Jansen. WOW, what a story, a must read. Full of suspense and romance. Julia Ehima. One of the best books I have read. Chan Warren. I did not see that coming!!!

Excellent book!. Sarah Emseralda. I enjoyed this a lot. You are the best. Ioana Cucu. I've startred to read this book and it's so good. You think you know what's happening, but you actually don't.

I love that. Hopefully it will be good until the end. Lindsey Petrin. Joyce Aguilar. Alessandra Torre weaves words that are so good. I never expected that twist.

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